Picks of the week, 22-28 December

Karl Sharro, An Adoring Profile of a Western Journalist, Karl reMarks, 22 December 2014.
Lucy Draper, German Journalist Returns From Time With ISIS With Chilling Stories, Newsweek, 22 December 2014.
Akiva Eldar, Livni, Herzog worry Netanyahu, Al-Monitor, 22 December 2014.
Eric Reidy, Nidaa Tunis, Ennahda agree on economic policy, Al-Monitor, 22 December 2014.
Sarah Irving, Rebel songs to rap: the history of Palestine’s music, The Electronic Intifada, 22 December 2014.
Corinna Mullin and Brahim Rouabah, Requiem for Tunisia’s Revolution?, Jadaliyya, 22 December 2014.
Marcia Lynx Qualey, The 40+ Modern Arabic Literary Works Published in English Translation in 2014, Arabic Literature (in English), 23 December 2014.
Amnesty International, Iraq: Yezidi women and girls face harrowing sexual violence, 23 December 2014.
James Traub, The Lighthouse Dims, Foreign Policy, 23 December 2014.
Hussein Ibish, Nida Tunis faces daunting challenges, NOW, 23 December 2014.
Human Rights Watch, Syria: Escalating Assault on Rebel-Held District, 23 December 2014.
Roger Cohen, Why Israeli-Palestinian Peace Failed, The New York Times, 23 December 2014.
Hussein Ibish, Settlements sabotaged talks, not Palestinians, The National, 27 December 2014.
Rozh Ahmad, Uncovering Islamic State mass graves on the Kobashi frontline, Your Middle East, 28 December 2014.

Did you read an interesting news article, op-ed, analysis or report in the last week that you’d like to share? Provide a link in the comments section below!


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