Kevin MooreKevin Moore is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh (MSc Arab World Studies) and Wilfrid Laurier University (BA Global Studies w/ Research Specialization and Business Administration Options). He has studied Arabic in Canada, the United States, Morocco, the UK, Egypt and Jordan. Kevin’s Master’s dissertation, titled Maintaining Makhzen legitimacy: explaining Moroccan regional foreign policy, investigated the links between regime interest and domestic pressures, on one hand, and Morocco’s policies toward Western Sahara and Algeria, on the other. His interests include Arabic-English translation and MENA domestic, regional and international politics.

Twitter: @kevinjm89
LinkedIn: Kevin Moore

Ania GabouneAnia Gaboune is a recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh’s MSc in International Relations of the Middle East with Arabic and holds a BA from McGill University in Political Science. Ania is fluent in English, French and Arabic as a result of studying in Amman and Cairo. Her Master’s thesis assessed the role of narratives in negotiations using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a case study. Her research interests are mainly focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region but include conflict studies, peace-building, and identity politics.

Twitter: @AniaGab
LinkedIn: Ania Gaboune

Philippa Raphet MeengPhilippa Raphet Meeng is a recent graduate with an MSc in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Amsterdam. Philippa’s Master’s dissertation, titled Queering Representation: The White Washing of Queer Theory and the Marginalisation of Queer Identity in the Middle East, problematised the lack of non-white queer representation in works of fiction with a Middle Eastern setting. Her interests include MENA politics, gender studies, women’s history, and narratives of identity.

Twitter: @PhilippaFRM
LinkedIn: Philippa Raphet Meeng

Laura Danielle is a current graduate student studying Middle East Politics at the University of Edinburgh.

Erica WenigErica Wenig is a recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh’s MSc in International Relations of the Middle East with Arabic and is an intern with CCTV-America in Washington D.C. She enjoys politics, practicing Arabic and traveling off the beaten path.

Twitter: @ericawenig
LinkedIn: Erica Wenig

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